richmond street studios

Case Study: richmond street studios

albuquerque, nm

project description

Eight two-story live/work lofts

project + design objectives

The vision for Richmond Studios was a mixed-use development in Nob Hill, an eclectic, historic area that has great building stock and urban fabric. The property is on a charming street just off Central Avenue, which is historic Route 66.

When we acquired the property, it had a dilapidated old building on it. Our goals were to create a wonderful little intimate project, as urban as possible, that activated the street. We also wanted to hide the parking. Instead of an asphalt lot, we turned the parking area into an amenity with an attractive courtyard that used crusher fines and pea gravel with the concrete aggregate, and included trees and lighting.

Initially, the design team had placed the building on the south side but we changed it to the north to get a southern exposure. We always like to use as much natural light as possible, and the higher ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows fill the studios with light.

The aesthetic is quite modern, with clean lines and a simple delivery. We designed the project to have ground floor spaces that could be used commercially, with the living space upstairs. But the open plan design is very flexible and allows tenants to adapt the space to their needs.


The building is well-designed, has character, and has its place in the neighborhood. My goal is always to make the right and best design decisions, even if it means taking a few more risks—because ultimately, the best design choices add more value.

It’s interesting to see how and why people enjoy living at Richmond. The real estate and the architecture are great but to create a building in the neighborhood that people enjoy—and which makes them enjoy the neighborhood even more—is very satisfying.

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