Heather Gallegos, Director of Operations

Heather joined rembe urban design + development in 2017.  She graduated from the Albuquerque Academy and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in finance from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. As a Senior Partner with Rocky Mountain Group, LLC, Heather worked as a consultant for rural hospitals, county and tribal governments and non-profit organizations. Her primary area of focus included grant writing, budget development, strategic planning, community-needs assessments, and program evaluation. Most recently as a business owner and office administrator, Heather has a comprehensive experience in project management, systems development and implementation, financial planning, fiscal management, marketing and client service.

Heather’s extensive experience in finance is central to the firm’s successful fiscal management, precise budgeting and planning, and rigorous project oversight. Heather expertly manages all aspects of banking requirements for credit lines, draws for construction projects, and all the demanding day-to-day operations of a multi-faceted development firm. In executing her responsibilities at rembe urban design + development, Heather provides optimal project control and management, expert property management and skilled client communications.

The firm’s vision is achieved with a very organized set of processes and systems managed by Heather in partnership with Jay. Processes are continually refined and made more efficient in response to project need and to ensure clients’ needs are met.


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