Rembe Urban Design + Development

With roots in New Mexico’s architectural heritage, Jay Rembe merges past and present with innovative developments that improve neighborhood value, enhance the urban experience and demonstrate Jay’s commitment to urban design ideals. Working through partnerships and his Albuquerque firm Rembe Urban Design + Development, Jay creates commercial, residential and mixed-use infill projects that resonate with the landscape and history of their place.

Combining his experience as a successful commercial real estate broker and developer with his knowledge of Albuquerque, Jay creates award-winning projects differentiated by their innovation, inspired design and attention to detail. “In finding the right vision, use and design for each project, we always ask, how do we make this project different, better and more interesting than what is already there?” Jay explains, adding, “Having lived most of my life in Albuquerque, it’s important that my projects add value to their environment, both architecturally and aesthetically, and that the experience of being in the building or on its grounds is satisfying and memorable.”

Jay developed a passion for architecture while living in historic Albuquerque houses designed by John Gaw Meem, including the Lovelace house and Los Poblanos, his family’s North Valley property designed in the early 1930s. When undertaking a 25-acre preservation project for the historic Los Poblanos property, Jay and his family put together a team that included California architect Stefanos Polyzoides, co-founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism; Olin Partnership, a leading landscape architecture firm in Philadelphia; well-known local landscape designer Judith Phillips; Keith Rogal, founder of the Carneros Inn in Napa Valley; and local historian Chris Wilson.

“Choosing the right team for a project is so important,” Jay adds. “The key is always to surround yourself with great people.”

When designing two of his own houses, Jay worked with architect George Pearl. “Respect for great architecture and local history has always been in our family, and I have a responsibility to continue that tradition,” Jay explains. An equal passion for landscape architecture directs his design decisions and approach to development.

As a local, long-term property owner, Jay Rembe is committed to developing projects that improve and enhance the value of their neighborhoods and community. From 2001 to 2010, Jay was a founding partner at Infill Solutions Urban Design and Development, a boutique full-service real estate design and development firm in Albuquerque. The firm received over 30 awards of excellence for architecture and innovative urban design and development from the American Institute of Architects, American Planning Association, City of Albuquerque and Congress for the New Urbanism.

In 2001, Jay created Rembe Properties LLC to handle project leasing, sales and management for Infill Solutions and other strategic real estate partnerships. Today, it serves as the development, sales, leasing and management company for his projects.

While Infill Solutions focused on modern architecture and urbanism, Rembe Urban Design + Development builds on that discipline and expertise but extends its focus to develop a wider range of projects that include modern, urban, historical and traditional architecture. Working with architects that possess a range of specialties and strengths, the company is agile and able to work effectively in different environments. When a development process includes city approvals and public involvement, Rembe Urban Design + Development has the acquired skills and experience to work effectively with local government officials, neighborhood associations and concerned property owners.

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